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Durban piercings

We have a private room to ensure privacy for all your piercing requirements.

Durban Tattoos

How do I decide what tattoo to get?

The internet is the best source for ideas, so go online and take your time. Once you have found something you like come see us. Remember we can redraw and redesign anything to meet your requirements.

How long will it take and how much will it cost?

This all depends on size, detail, color and placement - so send as much info to us as you can if you want a more accurate quote.

Is it painful?

There is always an element of pain, some areas more than others depending on the size of the tattoo (smaller less painful).

Will i need a touchup?

Sun damage will cause fading of a tattoo in time so make sunblock your priority.

Color verses complexion?

Darker complexions have limitations to certain colours depending on size and placement (skin exposed to the sun on a regular basis will not hold color as well as skin that is protected from U.V).

Consumption of alcohol?

No consumption of alcohol 12 hours prior to getting tattooed, this may cause thinning of the blood and bad decisions.
It will not be tolerated in our studio. This is a medical practice and should be respected.

Medical background?

Gavin is certified by the Health Service Executive, Department of Public Health, Eastern Region, Dublin 8, Ireland by the Director and Clinical Nurse Specialist, Dr. Marie Laffoy, Aileen O'Brien 2005 for prevention of cross contamination, medical hygiene, first aid and Body Art Education.

What aftercare should I use?

I have my new tattoo, now what should I do?
Keep the cover your artist has put on for you for 4 hours minimum and out of direct sunlight and saltwater including swimming pools.
After removal of cover wash with warm water and non-perfumed soap.
Pat dry with a clean towel, apply recommended aftercare cream, cover again with clingwrap and micropore tape overnight.
Repeat for 2 days, remember the 3 C's - Clean, Cream, Cover.
If below the knee try to avoid too much walking as this will put pressure and cause swelling (avoid the treadmill!!)
Flaking will occur approximately 5-7 days after so remember keep applying aftercare cream when necessary. If your new tattoo is itchy it is a healthy sign but remember Do Not Scratch just apply more cream.
See you for your next tattoo and repeat the above.

Address: 13 The Lighthouse, Equinox Drive, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban

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